Street names


All the street names in this zone have their ori­gin in old loca­tion names, giv­ing inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion about the for­mer land­scape and its use.

The “rue du Scheid” is the old term for the crest, sep­a­rat­ing the local­i­ty of Hostert and Ramel­dan­ge. At the same time it forms the sep­a­rat­ing line of the water going to the basin of the Hostert brook on one side and to the basin of the “Boueschbach” on the other.

The site where the res­i­den­tial estate is today, had once been cov­ered by orchards. Both street names “Han­nert de Klepp­beem” and “Äppeltaart” remind us of its old use as an orchard.

Han­nert de Klepp­beem” means: “ behind the trees that can be beat­en”.  In fact the branch­es of the apple or plum trees were shak­en or beat­en to har­vest the fruits.

The name “Äppeltaart” sim­ply means apple pie and recalls the use of the fruits reaped at this location.