Medieval Times

Resuscitated ruins.

After the destruc­tions in 4‑th and 5‑th cen­turies by Ger­man­ic tribes and the Huns of king Atti­la, towards 450, from the 6‑th cen­tu­ry Francs began to pop­u­late this dev­as­tat­ed coun­try. Out of the ruins of the gal­lo-Roman vil­lages raised  new vil­lages with Ger­man­ic names. It was prob­a­bly at this time when Sen­nin­gen and Ramel­dan­ge have been founded.

It is in 1176 when the place ” Hof­st­e­den ” is men­tioned for the first time. Hof­stätte, Hof­stelle or Hostert are typ­i­cal names for places result­ing from gal­lo-Roman ruins. Towards the year 1200, Ern­ster appears for the first time in a man­u­script under the name of Eren­ze. The name Ramel­dan­ge (or — ingen ) appears only much lat­er. On the Anwen farm a sort of medieval peas­ant right was issued and there Ramel­dan­ge is named for the first time in 1362.